Technical Intern Training Program

Job Description

Technical Intern Training program is basically a program initiated after the agreement signed by the Government of India with the Government of Japan to send skilled workers to Japan for a period of 3-5 years for work. The workers will be working under the capacity of Technical Interns with the Japanese companies and will also undergo technical internship training. The workers will also be able to earn 1 Lac JPY monthly during their tenure of internship which equals to INR 65,000 approximately.

This will certainly provide an exposure to the skilled workers to the International work environment and better work prospects once the candidate returns back to India.


  • The candidate must be in the age group of 18-30 years.
  • N4 level Japanese is required for caregiver job, apart from that N5 is mandatory along with ITI for all job roles.
  • An entry-level test to ensure competency in the concerned field.
  • The candidate should be recommended by the national/local government of his/her country.


For this profile, the candidate shall be responsible to help the people unable to carry out their day-to-day activities easily. One will have to be an aid either in their homes, day centers or even nursing homes. As a caregiver, you shall also be responsible to be in touch with the clients, get to know their interests, needs, likes, dislikes, etc to help them thoroughly. The candidate should also have done the Paramedic course to get this job and should know the Japanese Language(N4). The responsibilities shall also include activities for personal care like washing, helping people use the toilet, cleaning, preparing food, feeding, giving medication on-time, changing clothes, etc.


To be a technical trainee in the construction field, one needs to be responsible for all the on-site activities like helping out with the cement mixture, loading and unloading the construction material, pour, mix and create a mixture, help in forming concrete ramps and structures, etc. The candidate shall also be responsible to assist on-site tradesmen like carpenters, cement makers, roofers, bricklayers, demolition experts, drilling and blasting experts too.

Food Processing

Being in the food processing unit, the candidate needs to deal with all the facilities related to food preparation. One shall be responsible to unload the raw materials/items from delivery vehicles, unpack the items and store them according to their type, be an aid in preparing food according to the recipes, take care of the maintenance of food, monitor the quantity of food, etc.


As a technical trainee in the textile category, the candidate shall be responsible to produce fabric from raw textile materials like polyester, cotton, etc. The textile products can be used in clothing, household goods, or industrial purposes. The candidate shall be involved in processes like cleaning, combing, and spinning fibers; weaving, knitting, or bonding yarns and threads into textiles; and dyeing and finishing fabrics to name a few.


There are plenty of agriculture jobs in Japan that requires the candidate to plant and grow vegetables/fruits, process, care, and harvest. One shall also be responsible to seed, grow and harvest crops like millet, rice etc. The candidate working in the agriculture category shall be allotted in nursery, farms, or even in greenhouse farms etc.

Automobile Repair

For this profile, the candidate shall be responsible to diagnose, install, repair, maintain parts and systems in the various vehicle. One will also be required to use technical systems to evaluate and correct malfunctions in the complex internal parts of the automobile. Prior experience in the same shall be preferred. The candidate shall also be responsible to learn and operate according to the manuals for repair of the automobile to the earliest.


For this profile, the candidate shall be responsible to perform various involved in a manufacturing unit ranging from measuring and grading batches of raw materials into production machinery to using the machinery/ equipment smoothly. Prior experience in the same field shall be preferred.

Industrial Packaging

Industrial Packaging involved the candidates to perform packaging operations as per the orders and should ensure complete compliance with operational policies and safety standards. One shall also be responsible to monitor the label packaged food items appropriately,& perform duties on the packaging line by loading and adjusting items.

Industrial Printing

There are various printing jobs in Japan that involve the candidate in performing various activities like monitor feeding, printing, and racking processes of presses in order to maintain specified operating levels. The candidate shall also be responsible to monitor stocks of materials such as paper, ink, etc along with accepting orders from customers, calculate prices, and receive payment.

Building Cleaning

For this profile, the candidate needs to be well-versed with the various housekeeping activities like using proper cleaning solutions and cleaning cloths, dust, damp wipe and/or spot clean all the surfaces and maintain hygiene during all the processes. The candidate should also be able to use cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaner, floor dusting/ mopping equipment and also make a note of any malfunctions, electrical/mechanical & report it to the concerned authority.

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