Study in Japan

If you are a student, diploma holder, engineer, hotel management professional or person with a specialized skill, this program can immediately help you start your dream career in Japan.

Benefits of study in Japan

  • Learn Japanese in Japan (options available for 1 or 2 year program)
  • Work part time to practice your learning
  • Prepare & Clear Specialised Skill Test to become eligible to join a job in Japan (If you are a diploma holder or less) - If you are an engineering degree holder, this requirement is bypassed for you)
  • Join your dream job in Japan and start living your dream.
Start Career in Japan – Japan Recruiter
Benefits Study in Japan – Japan Recruiter
Study in Japan for Brighter Career in Japan – Japan Recruiter

How can we help?

We can help you in so many different ways to join an study in Japan

  • Admission in Japanese Language program in Japan
  • Learn the Japanese language up to N5 level (As per visa requirements)
  • Visa processing for Japan
  • Assistance in obtaining jobs in Japan
  • Assistance to find Part-Time Job in Japan, while you go through the Japanese Language Program (Optional)
  • Assistance for “Specialized Skill” test in Japan after completion of 1 year of Japanese Language Program
Why work in Japan?

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