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JAPAN RECRUITER is a jobs portal that introduces Indian candidates to companies in Japan through periodic job fairs conducted in New Delhi, India. Joining us means you will be interviewed by major Japanese companies and if you're successful, you'll receive a job offer on the spot. Every fair, we invite 200- 250 students for this interview event.


Registration for JAPAN RECRUITER portal is FREE and there are no hidden costs.

Benefits of Applying With Us

Resume guidance and Interview practices

A permanent job-placing in Japan.

You will be notified of your interview results on the same day as your interview.

JAPANESE LANGUAGE ACADEMY to prepare you on Japanese language & culture.

Recent Success Stories

Let us help you get started

Step 1

Register & Complete your Resume

We will review your resume, translate it in Japanese and publish it to all our Japanese employer companies.

Step 2

Preliminary Selection

Japanese employer companies will conduct a preliminary selection and selected applicants will be given a personal call.

Step 3

Interview & Final Selection

Final job offer will include fully paid flight & accommodation in Japan.