Unique Facts about Japan, which make it best Country to Work & Live in.

Japan is a beautiful country in all aspects. Whether it’s the perennial cherry blossom or the modernistic city culture that entices your travel bug, Japan is sure to impress. An island nation in itself, Japan is surrounded by exceptional facts revolving around its culture, history, and ethnicity. We have put together some super interesting facts about Japan which make it one of the best countries to work and live in.

  1. Exceptionally Low Crime Rates – Japan is known for its high emphasis on the safety & security of its citizens. The crime rates are so low that some people leave their doors unlocked more than half the time! There is a fair balance of trust and safety in the country, making it quite secure for foreigners, tourists and locals alike to work and live here.
  1. Consists of 6,800 Islands – Ever felt like the place you reside in has not enough to visit? This is not the case with Japan. Consisting of over 6000 islands, the country boasts of scenic beauty accessible to all. Take a ferry and head over to Okinawa, an island closest to Paradise. Other islands worth a visit include Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Shikoku.
  1. One of the most punctual countries in the world – Japan is known to run on a tight schedule. The highest record of a train delay was of just 18 seconds. You can count on Japanese services to reach right on time.
  1. Origin of Manga and Anime – Japan is famous for its world-renowned scripts and animation. More than 2 billion Manga magazines and books are sold within Japan throughout the year.
  1. Mouth-Watering Food – Did anyone say Sushi? Japan is famous for its delectable cuisine and unconventional style of cooking. The Hibachi is used for cooking meat in a container device suited to heat charcoal. Visit Japan to taste the best Sushi and Ramen in the world!
  1. Amongst the Cleanest Places in the World – The Japanese are quite certain about hygiene and sanitation standards in place. When in Japan, you are most likely to encounter no litter on the streets, public places and workspaces.
  1. Welcoming to Foreigners – If you are new to Japan, you needn’t worry about fitting in. The Japanese are pretty open and welcoming to foreigners. They are so helpful that you wouldn’t help but want to learn Japanese and converse with them.
  1. Home to a Wide Variety of Seafood – The Japanese love fish on their plate, and rightly so. Japanese seafood is not just a meal, but an experience in itself. We recommend visiting an authentic seafood restaurant to grab a bite of what it offers.
  1. Face Masks are Common – You might wonder whether people wearing face masks are conscious of germs in their surroundings and are trying to avoid getting sick. This is not true. The Japanese wear face masks when they are sick to prevent others from catching the flu. This is quite thoughtful and goes the extra mile to speak for the emphatic Japanese.
  1. Fruits are Appreciated – The Japanese are conventional in their hospitality and accept fruits as the best gift while visiting. Fruit gifting shops are a common occurrence and help you in picking the right fruits to gift your host.

So there you have some facts that make Japan a worthwhile destination to live and work. We hope that this article helped you understand some unique facts about the country and can guide you on your journey to discovering Japan.

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