Salary and Scholarships offered to Caregivers in Japan

Japan offers numerous opportunities to foreign students and professionals wishing to build a career in care giving industry. Excellent standard of living and well-paying jobs make Japan a great option to settle in. Let us look at the salary and scholarships offered to immigrants in the care giving field in Japan.

Being a care-worker in Japan comes with benefits like residence visa permits with the ‘nursing status’, immigration benefits and many more. A key aspect of this is the remuneration offered to care-workers. The monthly caregiver salary in Japan ranges anywhere between 1,25,000 -1,85,000 JPY per month. The minimum wage for nurses in Japan is 1,20,000 JPY per month. Being much in demand, care-workers are paid quite well for their services in Japan.

In Japan, caregivers are also offered a loan-based scholarship wherein they are exempted from returning the money owed if they work in care giving field for more than three to five years after graduation. This loan based system can help immigrant students pursue their education in care giving while also building a stable career in Japan.

All in all, Japan is a great option to build your career as a care-worker. Be it medicine, nursing or paramedics, the country offers good schools, certifications, scholarships and remuneration to build a stable career in care giving industry. We wish you the best of luck towards navigating your career in care giving in Japan.

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