Pursuing a Caregiver Career in Japan

Pursuing the occupation of a caregiver in Japan is a rewarding and fulfilling one. There are many options, schemes, and provisions for workers who take up this line of profession in Japan, making it one in demand as well. Let us look at some essentials towards becoming a caregiver in Japan.

Caregiver profiles- Caregivers can opt for a profession in Medical Assistance, Paramedics and/or Nursing. Taking up the profession of a care worker in Japan comes in line with the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) and follows up with the “Caregiving standards” laid down by the program. These standards mandate certain requirements to be fulfilled by trainees to secure a degree in the stream and pursue the occupation. Let us look at these requirements and understand the benefits that come with it.

  1. Proficiency in the Japanese language- Care workers are mandated to have attempted the N4 level of the JLPT in India examination and an N3 of the JLPT in Japan to qualify. An original transcript (certificate) of the JLPT and/or NAT scores needs to be submitted at the time of admission to the TITP for verification.
  2. Degree of an ANM or GNM- Having a degree certification in ANM (Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery) or GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) is a must to declare medical proficiency in the field. ANM is a diploma course focussing on the healthcare aspect of medicine. The course covers equipment handling, maintenance of records and setting up the Operation theatre in a nutshell maintain records. GNM, on the other hand, deals with general health care, nursing, and midwifery.
  3. Salary and Remuneration- Indian caregivers are much in demand and are paid quite well for their services. The monthly salary for such profiles ranges anywhere between 1,25,000-1,85,00 JPY per month. The minimum wage for nurses is 1,20,000 JPY per month.
  4. Scholarships to deserving candidates- Japan offers loan-based scholarships to foreign students aiming to make their mark in medical assistance and nursing. They receive good exposure into the field and upon passing the JLPT can pursue their career in the same line in Japan.

Japan is on the look-out for diligent care workers across different profiles and regions. The country welcomes Indians, Indonesians, Taiwanese and Filipinos amongst different nationalities to pursue a career in this domain. With decent remuneration and the perks that come with taking up this stream, a care worker can easily settle down in Japan and make a good living. In case of any query, please feel free to get in touch with us!

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