International Yoga Day celebrated in Akal Japanese Academy

Yoga is known for channelizing one’s energy towards a more productive purpose. This energy further helps in obtaining inner-peace and gives us the strength to deal with difficult times. Yoga helps to improve the hardware (body muscles), and Pranayama and meditation work to improve the software (mental status) of an individual.

Akal Japanese academy celebrated the International Yoga Day by holding a virtual yoga session with Mrs. Seema Joshi. She is a professional yoga practiser who guided the students and the faculty of Akal Japanese Academy on this auspicious day. There were 29 participants in this program, including students, teachers, and staff members. It was also joined by the HR consultant of the academy, Ms. Mariko Nishimura, from Kyoto, Japan. This was her first exposure to Yoga and meditation.

The program began with Mrs. Sukhneet Kaur, director of the academy, giving a speech on the benefits of Yoga, Pranayama, and meditation on the physical and mental well-being of an individual after which, Mrs Joshi took the lead. She started with “Om chanting,” followed by stretching exercises (asanas) such as Katichakrasana , Tricon asana, Ardha chakrasana, etc. She then went on to teach Pranayama- Anulom Vilom, and ended the program with guided meditation. This was a relaxing experience for all those who attended and the students recommended future programmes like this to the academy. The students were also appreciative of Mrs. Joshi’s time and thanked her for conducting this event.

So, even though the event was online due to the current circumstances, it was a great success and one could surely see the zeal of everyone who attended this event!

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