How to get a Student Visa in Japan?

Japan is well-known for its quality education and the exposure it provides into different domains of expertise. If you are a student planning to pursue further studies, Japan can be the right place for you to kickstart your career. We understand the struggle of getting one’s head around visa processes and have curated a list of important pointers to help you obtain your student visa in Japan.

Visas to Japan offer a plethora of options with regards to the duration of stay. You can opt for a 90 days visa, 20 weeks visa or a student visa (for people taking up a course that exceeds 20 weeks. Usually a 90 days visa is opted for when you choose to take up a language course in Japan (favourable for TITP aspirants) and are staying for a short duration. You can opt for a 20 weeks visa if you intend to take up a short term course that is longer than 90 days but less than a year. Student visas are generally opted for when taking up a course anywhere between 20 weeks- 2 years.

A Step-by-Step procedure on obtaining your Student Visa

Step 1: Applying to the school of your choice – The first step in procuring your Student Visa is to apply to the university you wish to attend. Japanese universities generally grant student visas independently and submit them to the immigration authorities for approval. For this, you are required to fill out a Visa application form on the university website with relevant details – data about yourself and the course, an Application essay, a previous course’s Diploma and transcript documents, Passport photos and details on your medical history.

In addition to this, some universities also require a letter of remittance, a bank account balance certificate and proof of employment of you or your guardian.

Step 2: Accepting the Certificate of Enrollment (CoE) – Once your Visa application has been accepted by the Immigration authority of Japan, you will be issued a CoE by the university. This usually gets done in a month before your course starts, once all dues are paid.

Step 3: Applying at the Japanese Embassy in your country- The final step in securing your Student Visa is to submit your CoE, Passport, A passport photo and a filled Visa application form stating the university as your guarantor/ reference at the Japanese Embassy.

And you are done!

The Japanese Embassy almost always approves Visa applications if the form is duly filled and if you do not possess a past criminal record. Since the procedure is almost always smooth, you needn’t worry about the duration of procuring your Visa, however, do remember to apply early to avoid any unavoidable mishaps.

We hope that this article has equipped you with all the relevant information required to get your Student Visa in Japan. We wish you luck in your journey to discovering Japan and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in case if you have any query.

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