How does an Indian maintain his work-life Balance in Japan?

Staying in Japan can be a great experience because of the vibrancy of its cities and the options it offers to unwind. Good work-life balance exists in actuality and is not a myth in this country. Let us look at some options that provide the best leisure and recreation in Japan.

  1. Karaoke – Japan is famous for Karaoke, having several Karaoke bars in every nook and corner of the city. Hop in at any time of the day or night, to get a feel of the mic and a good song.
  2. Ikebana – The art of flower arrangement (Ikebana) is popular in Japan. The locals consider it a spiritual exercise and there are a number of workshops conducted on weekdays and weekends to teach this art, for both the young and old.
  3. Namaste India – Namaste India is an annual cultural event hosted by Japan in honor of India and the cordial relationship it shares with the country. Indians all over Japan flock to this event for its cultural extravaganza, food stalls and workshops it hosts.
  4. Shopping – With its huge skyscrapers and vast malls, Japan takes shopping to a new level. Visit a mall for a movie, some grocery shopping or just to chill in a restaurant. There are some 100 Yen shops too, in case your budget is small.
  5. Indian Trend Fair – The Indian Trend Fair is an expo organized by the Japanese Trade Association to open up trade to Indian products. Hop over to find some of the best handicrafts and organic cotton garments among the rest. The fair is worth a visit for adding a touch of India to your closet.
  6. Sports – Engage in some sporting activities over the weekend to rejuvenate yourself. The Japanese are big on sports like Sumo, Football, Swimming, Basketball and even Rugby.
  7. Traveling – Whether it’s the gorgeous mountains of Hokkaido and Fuji that attract you or the beaches of Kyushu, there are lots of wonderful places to discover in Japan. Since there is a great transportation system in Japan, organizing short trips are quite easy.
  8. Socializing with neighbors – This is the best way to let your hair down without spending a penny. Due to the unique design of homes, many houses are closely placed and so making neighbors will be an easy task. Be sure to follow the basic courtesy of keeping the noise low, taking out the thrash carefully and making good conversation, these will help in making good friends in the complex.
  9. Chak de India Countdown Party – Celebrate New Year’s with an Indian Countdown Party held each year at Nishi Kasai, Tokyo. With groovy music and Indian food, this place is great for an immersive experience with family and/or friends.

Japan has a good variety of options to take up for recreation. This makes it the ideal place for a good work-life balance and a satisfied citizen of the country. All the best!

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