Few tips to master your next Skype interview.

Being at home for an interview is the best thing!

You get to be your own way, no travel tension, no need of taking that extra stress to look the best amongst the others.
Isn’t it?

Skype interviews help you be a part of the interview process while relishing the comforts of being at home. But the important question is can we take it that lightly? Or is it vital to be just as professional and all-ready in a Skype interview as in a face-to-face one?

At Japan Recruiter, we understand that sometimes the Japanese recruiter might just ask you to appear in a Skype interview before a regular one. Therefore, we know how and why should a candidate be all-set for this one! In this article, we are going to enlist a few of the major tips to help you prepare better for your next Skype interview.

Take utmost care of the tech part

While technology is deemed to have made a lot of work easier when it comes to the recruitment part but it also comes with its set of pitfalls that the potential candidates should we well-aware of.

The most important being, your system, and the internet connectivity which will actually help you to appear in your interview successfully. It is quite imperative that you should be well-prepared before your interview starts. For eg: your speakers, charger, webcam, everything that is a part of the system, should be well in-place. One should also give a trial call once the system is set-up.

The internet connection at your place should also be taken care of. If you don’t have a good connection at your place try doing the interview at a cybercafe or at a place where the internet connectivity is flawless.

Also, always make sure that you don’t end up looking like a naive when the interviewer is online. Don’t rush in setting the system in front of him/her. Do it priorly so that you don’t have to worry about anything but your performance.

Make sure your setting looks professional

Now, this is something that candidates don’t necessarily pay much heed to. The system is done, internet connectivity is done but you have a Bollywood poster behind while you are sitting on your bed.

It spoiled the whole setting you invested so much effort in it!


Well, you don’t want the recruiter to develop a prejudice about you. Therefore, it is very vital to take care of the background, where you are sitting. It should be cluttered and unprofessional. Also, take care of the lighting and the noises in the background. No one wants to hear loud/strong voices but your voice clearly.

The interview should be able to see and hear you clearly.

Apart from this anything else will act as a hindrance in your interview process.

Look and behave a certain way

Often in a Skype interview, we take dressing-up very casually. One would wear a formal shirt on the top, and joggers/shorts at the bottom. Going by the fact that we won’t be visible on a stretch. Well, this mistake should be avoided. Anytime, you could displace from your seat in order to take something or the other. You have to be prepared for the worst!

Therefore, always dress up the way you’d dress up for a normal interview in order to save yourself from sheer embarrassment.

Also, take care of the way you behave, your body language should be pleasant and not too sharp. Use your hands to explain your viewpoint in a better way but don’t overuse it. Also, always take care of the interruptions. Let the other person always speak and complete first. The candidate should also speak slowly and clearly so that if the recruiter wants to ask any question in-midst, that can be done

In short, you need to be more attentive while attending a Skype interview than a normal interview. So don’t take it casually but work your way through it seamlessly.

At Japan Recruiter, we help the students to master their interview skills too along with helping them attain a successful job in Japan. Be it a normal interview or a Skype interview, we have got you covered here!

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