Affordable Indian Restaurants in Japan

Indians carry a part of themselves wherever they go. The Japanese cuisine albeit delectable with every bite leaves an immigrant Indian longing for some desi flavor. Below is the list of affordable Indian restaurants in Japan that can help you savor Indian delicacies while you are away from home.

  1. Priya – Offering a homely ambience with some yummy North Indian food, Priya is amongst the top choices for Indians restaurants in Japan. The experienced staff makes for the great service and food options they provide. Affordable, cozy and worth a visit!
  2. Dhaba India – If you are looking for South Indian food that is affordable and retains its true essence, Dhaba India won’t disappoint you. Its colorful ambience coupled with mellow South Indian melodies playing in the backdrop is sure to hit you right in the feels. Dhaba India is famous for its non-vegetarian specialties and tandoori platters, amongst the rest. Do visit Dhaba India to capture a snippet of India in Japan.
  3. Downtown B’ India Kitchen – Rooted in Kolkata, Downtown B’ offers scrumptious Bengali cuisine in Tokyo. Do try out the desserts while you’re there, it is sure to tantalize your sweet tooth.
  4. Moti – Located in the Minato City of Tokyo, Moti offers affordable Indian cuisine with a twist. It is usually crowded both on weekdays and weekends, so make sure to check the availability of seats before visiting. Check out their special tandoori starters for a mouth-watering experience.
  5. Devi Corner – Located close to the Shinagawa metro station, Devi corner is sure to attract you with its aromatic cuisine and welcoming ambience. The restaurant is famous for its vibrant menu and South and North Indian options. Hop into savor some homemade food at an affordable price.
  6. Halima Kebab Biryani – Visit the place for its kebabs and delectable non-veg options. Stay for the price and exceptional service it offers. Located in Tokyo, this place is sure to keep you coming back for more.
  7. Andhra Cuisine – Who doesn’t crave for some spicy, tangy Andhra cuisine every once in a while? Andhra cuisine brings contemporary Hyderabadi taste to a cozy restaurant in Tokyo. Enjoy its yummy biryanis and South Indian meals while you visit, this place is bound to take you down a memory lane.

Indian cuisine is the most sought after Japanese in Japan. Once you find great Indian restaurants in Japan, you would wish you knew about them sooner. These restaurants have hit the right chords with Indians in Japan and have become a go-to spot for many. Visit them for exceptional service, delicious food, and some good company. They are sure to capture your heart.

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