5 Amazing job opportunities in Japan.

The land of the rising sun surely has a massive number of job opportunities for foreign nationals. One just needs to have relevant degrees, a bit of experience, a holdover Japanese language and a great zeal to succeed in a foreign land.

In these years, Japan has faced a crucial talent crisis, whether it is for high-skill jobs or blue-collar jobs. Japanese companies look forward to hiring skilled professionals from their neighbouring countries to help them fix their labour gap.

There are a lot of profiles that one can apply for in Japan but there are few of them that really interests the foreign nationals. These jobs are lucrative and surely borne various benefits for the nationals as compared to others.

Following are the 5 amazing job opportunities in Japan that are great to start with your career there:

IT Professionals

Japanese companies have been quick to hire talented foreign IT professionals recently. This being the second most common job foreigners take ibn Japan, has a great scope in their industry. Whether it is a software programmer, developer, designer or a coding engineer, there are plenty of job openings for skilled IT professionals in Japan. If you have apt technical skills and proficiency in the Japanese language, you can easily land into a job here.

English Teacher/ Translator

English teaching in Japan is a great deal and is the most common job foreigners do in the land of the rising sun. There is always a great demand for English teachers and interpreters in Japan. The money in these profiles is quite good too. One can work in private or public schools, companies, and cram institutes as well in Japan. Translators and interpreters could also pick up freelance work, such as assisting visiting businesspersons or translating written works, if their visa allows it.

Service Staff

If you have a hold over the Japanese language and have a visa, you are good to go. You have great possibilities of getting a job in Japan. There are ample job opportunities in the tourism/ hospitality industry such as resorts, hotels, restaurants, and even cafes in the busy tourist areas. At these places, foreigners are given quite a preference owing to their dual-language skills, that will be helpful in dealing with the tourists that visit.

Automobile Engineers

Japan’s automobile industry is thriving for a good time now. From mechanical engineers to solution architects to design engineers, there are various job profiles for skilled candidates in this advanced automobile industry in Japan. Japanese companies are happy to hire foreign engineers and keep the design aspect of their business onshore.


All across the world, Japan ranks 3rd in the world for research and development. Therefore, they are always willing to hire researchers who are astute learners and want to reach the top of their field. Especially in areas like Robot research, Japan is the go-to destination for researchers.

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