10 Japanese foods to try while in Japan

“Food is the secret ingredient that binds us together. Japanese food makes for a mouth-watery cuisine and is bound to tickle the food lover’s appetite. We have shortlisted some of the most amazing Japanese food that is a must-try while touring the country. 

  1. Sushi– Sushi is famous all around the world as a trademark for Japanese food. Sushi is steamed rice served with raw fish and a platter of sauces. Traditional Sushi can be found only in Japan, although it is available in several parts of the globe. You can find this dish in supermarkets and high-end restaurants, both. We recommend trying all kinds of sushi you can find because Sushi is love!
  2. Unagi– Freshwater eel, Unagi is a conventional delight unique to Japan. Served mildly grilled with an assortment of sauces on top of rice, Unagi is a delicacy relished in the summer months of July. The two most popular styles of Unagi are the Kabayaki and the Hitsumabashi served in Nagoya.

  3. Okonomiyaki– Okonomiyaki is a combination of water, egg, and flour tossed with your favorite toppings and then grilled; giving rise to a pancake-like texture. It is accompanied by the Okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito cornflakes. Pair it up with some Okonomiyaki noodles and you have to yourself an unforgettable meal!

  4. Udon & Soba– Presenting Udon & Soba, the tastiest Japanese noodles in town. A break from Ramen, these noodles are made from wheat flour and buckwheat making it a healthier alternative. You can choose to have your Udon hot or cold. Toss it with some curry sauce to provide a pungent flavor to your plate.

  5. Curry Rice– Unlike the famous Thai curry, Japanese curry rice is distinctly unique in its flavor. Prepared with carrot, beetroot, and minced beef, this dish makes for a savory main course.

  6. Teishoku– Teishoku is a feast for food- lovers who want the taste of everything. Served with the main dish (meat or vegetable stew) with rice and soup on the side, Teishoku is a meal in itself.
  7. Tonkatsu– Tonkatsu is a pork-based dish that is served with cabbage and lettuce on the side. It is a must-try when in Japan.

  8. Ramen– Originally conceived in Japan, the best Ramen is found on the streetside as well as in Michelin star restaurants. Get a flavor of what authentic Ramen tastes like and you will be glad you did.

  9. Yakiniku– Grilled chicken meat never tasted better when barbecued right on your seat. Yakiniku is a powerhouse of protein and is tasty at the same time, so gear up for a packed Japanese meal.

  10. Japanese desserts– For all those with a sweet tooth, Japan has a variety of sweets to entice. We recommend trying Taiyaki- a traditional sweet with the outer covering of a fish, filled with red-bean paste. Pastries and soft-serves in Japan are worth trying too!

With all these amazing food types, we are sure your stay in Japan is going to be memorable! In case you’d want to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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