Study in Japan

Japan has a lot to offer when it comes to studies. From all across the globe, students apply to various Japanese universities and colleges. What is that makes it so different? There are many good reasons to study in Japan. Some students are impressed by Japan's high educational standards, best universities in Japan, while for some the rich culture of the country counts.

Nearly 5 million students study in Japan annually, with that number on the verge of increasing rapidly. For different courses in Japan, there are various scholarships and therefore it is is indeed one of the most popular destinations for international students.

One of the primary reasons for Japan to be a famous spot for studies is its low tuition fees and a wide range of generous scholarships offered by Japanese universities for foreign students. Partial and full tuition fees waivers are also possible for high achieving students from poorer backgrounds. The scholarships are directed towards specific nationalities, women, minorities, or those with a high level Japanese proficiency.

Also, it is needless to say that there is a strong job market for highly qualified graduates. Japanese companies express a great desire to hire foreigners graduating from Japanese institutions.

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