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Jump-start your career in Japan with us!! is your gateway to Japan. Bridging the gap between Job Seekers and Japanese Employers, we help you find success in Japan. With our advanced HR Tech we uncover great opportunities that match your career goals. Your career in Japan starts today!!

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Virtual Japanese Academy

Learn Japanese to help kick Start your Career in Japan. Our Virtual Japanese Academy offers learning benefits comparable to none other:

  • Learn from the Comfort of Your Home

    You join classes through the virtual platform. No travelling time or money wastage.

  • Flexible Time Slots

    Virtual classes offer you enough flexibility of learning slots that adjust as per your needs.

  • Experienced Trainers & Training Material

    Learn Japanese from Industry experienced Japanese Language Teachers. Comprehensive Teaching Material including books, worksheets, cds etc

  • Japan Job Assistance

    Our Japan Job Assistance Prepares you for Daily Conversation, Lessons of Lifestyle, Life Manners, Business Manners, Knowledge & Cautions of Japanese worksite and Orientations and Interview Preparation.

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Popular Job Industries in Japan

Following Job categories are most popular in Japan and remain high on demand whole through the year. Engineering, Health Care, Automotive and Information Technology are to name a few.

Japan Employment News

  • 04
  • Aug'20

Japan's post-pandemic information technology challenges

In July each year, the government makes two important economic policy decisions. One is the basic policy for economic and fiscal management related to the macroeconomy. The other is the growth strategy for concrete measures on economic vitalization..... Read More

  • 04
  • Aug'20

The 7 keys to communicating in the Japanese automotive industry

What are the seven keys in common that ties foreign cultures together? Is understanding Japanese culture, business communication really that important to the automotive industry? Learn more in this week's audio interview with David A. Victor, Full Professor of Management and International Business at Eastern Michigan University.... Read More

  • 04
  • Aug'20

Don't bet against post-pandemic Japan

Japan has got what it takes to emerge a winner from the global 2020 great lockdown recession. In fact, there is growing evidence that the resilience and persistence practiced during Japan’s “lost decades” will now pay off and provide high returns — not just for investors, but also for society’s future prosperity..... Read More

Why work in Japan?

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